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Master in Animal Production – PRESENTATION

The objective of the Master´s Course Animal Production at the Federal University of Minas Gerais is to qualify professionals, developing teaching, research and community work with a focus on animal production and food quality. More specifically, we research production, processing and quality control of animal products considering the regional specificities of the Brazilian semi-arid region. Thus, we propose the promotion of scientific knowledge applied to places with similar soil and climatic characteristics in Brazil and worldwide.

So, we intend to provide knowledge to students in different areas of animal production science, such as nutrition and feed technology, health, genetics, breeding, bioclimatology, and animal welfare, besides quality and food safety for products of animal origin, enabling the identification of critical points in productive chains and granting subsidies for the management of the aquatic and terrestrial environment. We also focus on the study of native and cultivated resources for integration of the productive and agroecological processes.

Post-graduates should be able to present a critical and global view of the economic, social and cultural environments and therefore, to perform at national and international levels with solid values of scientific knowledge, ethical and political awareness.


Professor Luciana Castro Geraseev – Coordinator
Professor Letícia Ferrari Crocomo – SubstituteCoordinator

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